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May 13th

Orientation with Jennifer Boles and Deanna Ledezma


June 1st

Fill out the mentor form

Fill out this itinerary 


July 1st

Job Market materials due. Upload to your respective folders by the deadline.


Monday, July 12 

11:00-12:00 EST Welcome to the Program with Jennifer Boles, Deanna Ledezma, Albert Laguna, and Nena Torres

1:00-3:00 EST  One-on-One Meetings (20 minutes) with Albert Laguna. Sign up here: 


Tuesday, July 13

11:00-1:00 EST Workshop: Introduction to the Job Market

2:00-4:00 EST Workshop: The Cover Letter


Wednesday, July 14th

11:00-1:00 EST Workshop: The Teaching and Diversity Statement

2:00-4:00 EST Workshop: Interviewing


Week of July 19th 

Revise cover letter with a partner


July 26th

Upload revised documents to your job market folder by July 26th. 


July 28th

One-on-one meetings with Albert to review your documents (60 minutes). Sign up here: 

August 6th

Turn in writing materials.  

August 27th

12:00-2:00 EST Writing workshop

September 3rd

Complete Writing Plans

September 10th 

Revise job market documents and upload to your folder for your mentor and Albert to review before the Fall Institute. 




September 21

10-11:30 CST/11--12:30 EST Workshop: Lourdes Torres, Editor of Latino Studies journal

September 22

1-2:30 CST/2-3:30 EST Writing Workshop II 

September 23

10-11:30 CST/11-12:30 EST Meet the Alumni Panel 

12-1:30 CST/1:00-2:30 EST Workshop with Albert: Interviewing and Journal Publishing

September 24

10-11:00 CST/11:00-12:-00 EST Orientation with mentors (Mentors only)

11:30--1:15 CST/12:30-2:15 EST Mentor Panel and Breakout sessions


Mock Interviews:

2:00 CST/3:00 EST: Vicente and Roy

2:30 CST/3:30 EST: Andrea and Marisa

3:05 CST/4:05 EST: Ricardo and Michael

3:40 CST/4:40 EST: Mauricio and Claudia

4:15 CST/5:15 EST: Nathan and Ester 

4:50 CST/5:50 EST: Elizabeth and Alejandro

End of December 2021

Send your updated dissertation plan and update to IUPLR Center Director and Mellon Director

End of May 2022

Submit email update to IUPLR Center Director and Mellon Director

July 11-14, 2022

LSA Conference in South Bend

August 1, 2022

Final Reports Due (link to form here)


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