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June 1

Virtual Zoom Orientation, 11:00 am CST

June 10

Select Mentors. Fill out the form here (also sent via email). 

Update your bio in the spreadsheet and add a bio picture (high resolution). Folders are in your shared work folder

June 27

Job Market materials due. Upload to your respective folders by the deadline. Link to your shared folders here (you must accept the invitation sent via email to upload). 

June 30

One-on-one meetings with Albert

*Zoom links in calendar invites

July 5

10:00 am-12:00 pm CST: Virtual Workshop: Introduction to the Job Market

1:00 pm–3:00 pm CST: Virtual Workshop: Cover Letters

July 6

10:00 am–12:00 pm CST: Virtual Workshop: Teaching and Diversity Statements

1:00 pm–3:00  pm CST: Virtual Workshop: The Academic Interview

July 8

Writing documents due. Submit to your shared folders

July 11-14 Latina/o Studies Conference, South Bend

Link to schedule here

August 1

Revised job documents due

August 9

One-on-one meetings with Albert

*Zoom links in calendar invites. If you need to change the time, please try to trade with someone here and then let Albert and Jennifer know. 

August 26
12:00 pm CST: Alum Talk with Dr. Leigh-Anna G. Hidalgo (Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, SUNY, Binghamton University)

2:00 pm CST: Virtual Writing Workshop II 

September 21

Job documents due: upload to your folders. Albert and Deanna will distribute them to your mentors. 

September 27-October 1 Fall Institute

Our Fall Institute will take a hybrid format, with IUPLR/UIC Mellon staff and fellows attending in-person at the Illini Center. We will have a virtual alumni panel on September 29. Mentors will virtually attend the Fall Institute events on September 30.

September 27

Fellows arrive in Chicago and check into the Crowne Plaza Chicago West Loop (25 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60661)

September 28

1:00 pm CST: Lunch with fellows and Program Coordinator at 5 Rabanitos (1758 West 18th Street Chicago, IL 60608)

2:30 pm CST: Visit to the National Museum of Mexican Art with fellows and Program Coordinator 

6:00 pm CST: Dinner at Athena (212 S Halsted St #1, Chicago, IL 60661) with fellows and IUPLR/UIC Mellon staff 

September 29: In-person at the Illini Center 

9:00 am CST: Breakfast and Check-Ins

10:00  am CST: Preparing for the Job Interview Workshop

12:00 pm CST: Lunch 

1:00 pm CST: Writing Workshop #3​

2:00 pm CST: Alumni Panel with Dr. Carmela Muzio Dormani (2018–19 cohort),  Dr. Angélica Becerra (2018–19 cohort), and Dr.  Amy Martinez (2021–22 cohort)

September 30: In-person at the Illini Center with Mentors Attending Virtually

9:00–10:00 am CST: Breakfast and Check-Ins 

10:00–11:00 am CST: Orientation with Mentors and Staff Only


Mentors will meet our Program Director Dr. María de los Angeles Torres, Professionalization Consultant Dr. Albert Laguna, Program Coordinator Dr. Deanna Ledezma, and our RAs Elizabeth Obregon and Algae Guzman to discuss the history of IUPLR and expectations for the fellowship program and mentorship.

11:00 am–12:30 pm CST: Mentor Panel and Breakout Sessions


This is a panel with all the mentors, fellows, and staff. We ask the mentors to contribute an informal presentation (about five minutes) about their experiences and advice regarding the job market, transitioning from graduate school, and/or navigating your first years on the job. After all the mentors participate, we will open it up to questions from the fellows.

Following the panel, you will have fifteen minutes in breakout groups with the fellows to meet and discuss your plans for the fellowship year. 

12:30–1:30 pm CST: Lunch 

Mock Job Interviews


Each mentor will participate in a mock job interview with their mentee and Albert Laguna. This will give fellows the opportunity to practice and receive constructive and supportive feedback. We will be providing you with their job documents, which they have been working on all summer, a week in advance of the Fall Institute. Albert will give you further instructions about the interviews during our orientation. 


1:30 pm CST: Luz Acosta and Jennifer Ortiz


2:10 pm CST: Lisa Jahn and Rosalyn Negrón


2:50 pm CST: Brenda Lara and Yvette J. Saavedra


3:30 pm CST: Valentina Jager Lopezllera and micha cardénas (if available) 


4:10 pm CST: M. Roxana Loza and Cristina Rhodes 


4:50 pm CST: Arón Montenegro and Macarena Gomez-Barris 


Monthly check-ins begin at the end of October

November 1

Share your updates and dissertation timeline and task-based outline with your IUPLR director, our Mellon Program Director Nena Torres, Program Coordinator Deanna Ledezma, and Program Assistant Algae Guzman no later than November 1.

December 8

Monthly check-in meeting

January 12

Monthly check-in meeting. We will begin the peer review component of our Writing Program in January. Drafts from writers are due on January 19 and feedback from respondents is due on January 26 (due dates extended).

February 1

Share your updates and dissertation timeline and task-based outline with your IUPLR director, our Mellon Program Director Nena Torres, Program Coordinator Deanna Ledezma, and Program Assistant Algae Guzman no later than February 1.

February 16

Monthly check-in meeting

March 23

Monthly check-in meeting

April 21

IUPLR/UIC Mellon Fellowship Alumni Panel: Transitioning from PhD Candidates to Postdoctoral Fellows and Assistant Professors 

April 27

Monthly check-in meeting


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