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Colorful Notebooks


This month we are focusing on instilling customizable and sustainable writing practices while becoming aware of what we want and need in order to thrive as whole human beings, not just as writers. This includes becoming aware of your resistance, understanding and prioritizing your bodily rhythms, tracking and journaling about your writing, and checking in with a writing partner in your cohort. At the end of the month, we will reconvene to discuss each of your individual practices and devise a strategic plan to completion. 


Create an ideal "Unschedule" to help you create this daily schedule. It should account for all of your desired non-writing and work time during a generic week. Redesign this at the end of the month or as discover things during the month. Complete a first version of this by July 31.  

 Starting August 1, write every day (with at least one or two days off a week) for at least 30 minutes and no longer than 4 hours. Track your writing and document your writing practice. 



You should check in with you partner at least weekly but ideally more often. Determine a time that works best for you both and keep that meeting in your calendar. During the meeting, discuss what you're experiencing and keep each other motivated. You may want to write together once or more times per week.  Some possibilities for writing together include: Zoom writing sessions or texting each other when your scheduled writing session begins and ends.

Partners for August:

Kevin and Tor

Raquel and Sal

Narcisa and Allison 



At the end of the month, reflect upon how your month went and then write about what you need and want for your writing process. Then re-design your Unschedule based on what you've learned about yourself. 


August Summary

Upload these documents to your writing folders before our August check-in meeting. 

1) Your Unschedule

2) Your updated One-Page Dissertation Outline with newest  percentages of each chapter 


3) A draft of your Timeline to Completion

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