Write every day (with at least one or two days off a week) for at least 30 minutes and no longer than 4 hours on most days.


Consider these wise words from Michelle Boyd at Inkwell Retreats: What I wouldn’t give to see every scholar on the planet start every day with the sweetest part of their writing process. Instead of beating yourself up over how little writing you’re getting done, trying lingering over whatever bits bring you the greatest joy. For writers, pleasure is a strategy, not an indulgence. This, I think, is the trickiest part about writing—pandemic or no. We have to move forward with intention; do the best we can with our limited capacity; find true satisfaction in having done so; and insist on the value of what we created to people whose job it is to judge us. 


We cannot control editors and reviewers. We can’t control letter writers or tenure committees. What we can control—when shit gets wild and it seems like the world is burning down—is how we show up. How we find satisfaction. How we plant ourselves firmly in the place that makes most sense to us—and enjoy the sunshine."




You have new partners for the next two months. Check in frequently or work together. 






Check in over Zoom with entire cohort on Friday, Dec. 11th. Note that because of the holidays, we will only meet once in this block. 


You should have sent an email with your plan to your IUPLR Director by November 1st. Let them know how you are doing thus far with your dissertation and summarize your plan for the second half of the fellowship. Attach your strategic plan. You should CC Jennifer, Deanna, and Nena ( They are expecting you to write by this date. 



We will start peer reviews in January. Please look at your plan and fill out the peer review form below in advance of the Dec. 11th check in (before Dec.10th at noon).  

accountability and support


Review your reflections from past months and reflect on your writing process from the start of the fellowship until now. Then, write about how you plan to write for the second half of the fellowship given any changes to your plan. Will your writing routine change or stay the same? This is your last reqiured writing reflection of the program. 



This should be done the day before the  December 11th check-in. 



Revise your dissertation plan to account for progress made in November and adjustments needed to accomplish your goals in the second half of the fellowship. These should be updated before the check-in.