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Christmas Star





 Write five to six days per week for at least thirty minutes per writing day but no longer than four hours on most days. After the holidays, you may have to revisit  your writing schedule and revise it as needed.



Peer Review Guidelines and Schedule:


Please read these specific instructions on the peer review process. You can also view our peer review schedule for February, March, April, and May. 

January Peer Review:

Writer: Roxana


Respondent 1: Arón

Respondent 2: Brenda

Respondent 3: Algae


Writer: Brenda


Respondent 1: Roxana

Respondent 2: Valentina

Respondent 3: Lisa 

Writers: Upload your draft to your writing folder no later than January 5.

Respondents: Submit your feedback no later than January 12.​

accountability and support


For January 12 Meeting:

Revise your dissertation plan to account for progress made in the fall and make adjustments as needed to accomplish your goals in the second half of the fellowship. Complete this before the January check-in and discuss with the group.

Respondents: Submit your feedback to your peer review writer.


Update IUPLR no later than February 1:

Share your job market updates and dissertation timeline and task-based outline with your IUPLR director, our Mellon Program Director Nena Torres, Program Coordinator Deanna Ledezma, and Program Assistant Algae Guzman no later than February 1.


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