Due July x? 

Upload all materials here to your designated job market folder. It is important to keep your folders organized. Always label with your last name, document label, and date, eg. BolesJ_CL_042121. Replace old versions or create an archive folder for drafts. Keep it clean and organized. 


1.) Polished Cover Letter, CV, Teaching Statement, Diversity Statement These should be written for a job from last year that resembles the kind of job and institution that is most appealing to you.  They should be polished and ready to submit to an actual job. Stick to 2 pages maximum for the cover letter and 1-2 pages for the teaching statement and diversity statement. 


How to write the documents:  We especially encourage you to purchase The Professor is In by Karen Kelsky and/or view her blog and write and format your documents as she suggests. For additional resources, refer to the website. You should also seek out samples from successful colleagues. 


2.) Goals for the Job Market Write a brief text in your folder that will help us to better understand your plans and goals on the job market. This should include:

  • What are your greatest concerns as you think about applying for jobs and about the job market application process? 

  • What kind of jobs will you be applying to this fall?  (liberal arts, visiting, research, public/private, postdocs, alt-ac, other)

  • Is there anything in particular that would like to learn more about? 

Writing Program
Due July 7th

1.) Upload an updated time-based outline (this is not for content, but for estimating how long things will take you) of your dissertation with chapter titles, subheadings, and estimated percentages completed. You did this for your application, but now you should revise it and expand it so you get a better sense of what you have to do this year and be able to see which chapters will require more of your time. See this example. This doesn't need to be perfect, but it should be broken down substantially and be as specific as you can. 
2.) Upload a brief text that summarizes your writing habits and what you've learned about yourself in the past month from reflective writing. Please include:

  • What are you discovering about your relationship with writing? How would you describe it? 

  • What are the best times of day for you to write (when you are most alert and have the most energy, creativity and willpower)? What are the WORST times of day for you to write (think about how you feel, not your schedule)?

  • What seems to be a good average block of time between 1-4 hours for you to write undistracted and focused? 

  • What techniques help you to stay focused and feel your best when writing? 

  • What were the struggles that come up (think about internal struggles and voices that come up, any physical or environmental struggles, and any struggles with attention, procrastination, perfectionism, etc). Are there patterns that you've noticed over time? 

  • Anything else you want to include?