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Inter-University Program for Latino Research/University of Illinois Chicago Mellon Program

The Inter-University Program for Latino Research/UIC Mellon Fellows Program is a dissertation completion fellowship hosted at the University of Illinois Chicago that seeks to foster, mentor, and professionalize a national cohort of humanities doctoral students focusing on Latino/a/x Studies in order to maximize effective progress to complete the Ph.D., increase job-market readiness, build community, and impart a sustainable, healthy writing practice.

This is our cohort-specific portal where you will find all the information you need about the 2023–24 agenda, Mellon Institute (September 26–30, 2023), as well as our Writing and Professionalization Programs.


The 2022-24 Program Coordinator is Dr. Deanna Ledezma, Postdoctoral Research Associate.

Photograph of the 2022–23 fellows at the Latina/o Studies Association Conference, July 2022.

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