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Spiral Notebook


This month we are assessing our relationships to writing, now that we've had time to reflect. We will revise our dissertation planning documents with the goal of sharing them with IUPLR directors next month. As job market season begins, we are committing ourselves to a writing schedule that may feel increasingly challenging to maintain amid application due dates. 




 Maintain your writing schedule with at least one or two days off a week. We recommend writing for at least 30 minutes and no longer than 4 hours on most days.


Continue to track your writing and document your writing practice with a weekly or monthly Writing Reflection if it helps you.

Continue to consult and revise your Unschedule or the calendar format of you.




For the month of September, we will continue with the same support plan format as August.


You should check in with you partner at least weekly but ideally more often. Determine a time that works best for you both and keep that meeting in your calendar. During the meeting, discuss what you're experiencing and keep each other motivated. You may want to write together once or more times per week.  Some possibilities for writing together include: Zoom writing sessions or texting each other when your scheduled writing session begins and ends.

Partners for September:

Kevin and Tor

Raquel and Sal

Narcisa and Allison




During our in-person Mellon Institute, we will workshop our planning documents. Please be prepared to share revised versions of the following documents:

1) Your Unschedule

2) Your updated One-Page Dissertation Outline with newest  percentages of each chapter 


3) A draft of your Timeline to Completion

Deanna and Marina can print out copies for you to circulate among the cohort.


September Summary 


Deanna and Marina will ask you to submit paper abstracts for the Latina/o Studies Association Conference (held at Arizona State University, April 17–20, 2024).


Our internal due date for paper abstracts is September 20.


The IUPLR/UIC Mellon Fellowship Program organizes two panels and proposes them to the LSA Conference each year the conference is held. Our grant supports conference travel for our cohort and staff. Deanna Ledezma, in the role of chair, will submit our panel proposals no later than September 25. 

We will not have a virtual check-in meeting in September because we will have the opportunity to meet in person at the Mellon Institute. We are looking forward to our welcome dinner, workshops, panels, mock interviews, and meeting with the mentors. Please check our Mellon Institute page for details. 

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