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Our goal is to challenge the culture of isolation, pain, and comparison that characterizes dissertation writing. Instead, we will create a "community of practice" in which we learn from one another, share our struggles, and provide mutual support, rather than competing with each other. The philosophy of this writing group is that creative work is a communal process, and dissertations and academic work are no exception. We need each other for companionship, to learn about ourselves and our work, and to remember that we are all in this together.


You will be assigned to a smaller group of three for a two-month cycle. Check in with this group regularly (weekly at a minimum) to support each other or, better yet, set up times to write together. You should help each other think about and revise your dissertation outlines and plans and work through daily writing goals and struggles. At the end of the two-month cycle (in January, these will become one-month cycles), you will share a substantive piece of writing for peer review.

September–October Groups:

Group 1: Vicente, Nathan, Elizabeth

Group 2: Mauricio, Andrea and Ricardo

November–December Groups:

Group 1: Nathan, Vicente, Mauricio

Group 2: Ricardo, Andrea, Elizabeth


January-February Groups: 

Group 1: Vicente, Mauricio, Andrea

Group 2: Nathan, Elizabeth, Ricardo 

March-April Groups: 

Group 1: Andrea, Elizabeth, Vicente

Group 2: Ricardo, Nathan, Mauricio


You will share your writing at least four times over the course of the fellowship year in your rotating small groups of three listed above (each of you read two and receive two reviews). You can skip one peer review submission, but let your partners know in advance and do not skip reviewing their work on time. Peer review submissions are due on the dates below and reviews are due one week after. Please try to stay on schedule and write these dates into your dissertation plan.  

For detailed instructions on how to do your peer reviews, click here

Submission Dates (subject to change): 

Peer Review #1: October 29th (reviews by partners due Nov, 5)

Peer Review #2: December 10th*

Peer Review #3: January 28th

Peer Review #4: February 25th

Peer Review #5: March 31th

Peer Review #6: ? 

*Because of the holidays, we are combining our Nov and Dec meetings and peer reviews into one meeting in mid-December. 


Once a month (with the exception of the holiday season), we will schedule a Zoom call to check in with the entire cohort and program staff. These meetings will usually be on the first or last Friday of each month starting in October, but they will change depending on holidays and other things that will inevitably come up. They will include some kind of focus regarding writing and then will serve mainly as a place to come together for support and advice. Peer reviews are due to your partners on the same dates at our check-ins. 

OCTOBER 29, 12:00 EST 

DECEMBER 10, 12:00 EST


  • Turn in peer review and return in a week's time. 


FEB 25

Turn in peer review and return in a week's time. 



Turn in peer review and return in a week's time. 


No peer review required


Final Reports Due to Mellon and IUPLR Centers

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