Conference information


Required Panels for 2021 and 2022 Cohorts​
  • Tues. 1:45-3:15 PM, Duncan N, W236, "New Directions in Latino Studies," Panel 1 with Amy (Drea) Martinez, Elizabeth Obregón, and Nathan Rossi

  • Tues. 3:30-5:00 PM, Duncan N, W236, "New Directions in Latino Studies," Panel 2 with Mauricio Patrón Rivera, Vicente Carrillo, and Ricardo Gabriel 

  • Wed. 10:15-11:45 AM, "Workshop: Publishing in Latinx Studies," Duncan N, W236

Recommended Alumni Panels 
  • Tues, 1:45-3:15 PM, "Roundtable: Transnational Approaches to Unpacking Radical Politics in and outside Central America", Carlos Rivas

  • Wed. 8:30-10:00 AM, "Community and Oppression in Central America," Isis Campos​

  • Wed. 8:30-10:00 AM, "Negotiating National and Racial Borders," Ricardo Rincón

  • Wed. 1:45-3:15 PM, "Exhibiting Afro-Latinx Art," Tatiana Reinoza

Mellon Meetings
  • Wed. 8:00-10:00 AM, Mellon 2022-23 Required Orientation Meeting, Debartolo Hall 131

  • Thursday, Close-out Meeting with 2021-22 Cohort (Time TBA)

Social Events
  • Mellon fellows and alumni coffee hour (Time and Date TBA)

  • Mellon happy hour with current Mellon fellows, staff, director, and alumni (TBA)

  • Wed., 7:00-9:00 PM, LSA Fiesta/Reception (recommended for all cohorts)


We will purchase your airfare and accommodations in advance. Please coordinate with our Research Assistant, Deanna Ledezma, who will be reaching out via email in the coming weeks to book your flight. You will be responsible for getting from Chicago to South Bend via train, shuttle, or bus. We are coordinating your flight to come in early on July 11 and later on July 15 to make time for this additional travel. We are attempting to place you on the same flights as other fellows coming from your departing location so you can connect and travel together. There may also be options to carpool with locals driving from Chicago. We will let you know when the date gets closer. Please consult the following resources to find transportation to South Bend and plan your trip accordingly.  



You are staying at the Embassy Suites, 1140 E. Angela Blvd South Bend, Indiana 46617. You each have your own room under your name. 

Conference Registration

All attendees must register for the conference and for LSA membership. We will reimburse these fees after the event. Please register before May 11th to get the early bird discount. 

  • ​Community/Non-Profit/Graduate Student/Undergraduate Student Early bird $40 before May 10th, $50 starting May 11th

  • Non-Continuing Faculty (i.e. Lecturers, Instructors, Adjuncts, etc.)  Early bird $125 before May 10th, $175 starting May 11th

  • Tenure-Track Faculty Early bird $175 before May 10th, $225 starting May 11th

  • Registration includes full participation in three days of plenaries, panels, professional development workshops, and scholarly presentations. Access to a full schedule of events including two evening receptions, film screening, three midday meals, and a daily coffee bar.


  • Ground Travel and Travel Expenses: We will reimburse your travel to and from your departing and arrival airports, your travel to and from the bus/train stations, from Chicago to South Bend, and baggage fees. You must save all your receipts as hard copies. If you use Uber or Lyft to the airport, you can print out those receipts. You may not take an Uber or Lyft to/from Chicago to South Bend (see above). If you drive, we will reimburse gasoline by mileage but not parking. Be sure to ask if you are unsure about what we cover. 

  • Conference LSA Membership and Registration

  • Meals: Meals are not reimbursed via receipts but at a set per diem rate (rates TBD). These amounts are modest, but will hopefully help to offset the costs a bit. 

  • If any of these upfront purchases poses a hardship for you, please DO NOT HESITATE to reach out to us.  

  • Accounting: You will be required to fill out a spreadsheet (linked here before the conference) and send in all of your receipts within two weeks of the conference along with a copy of the spreadsheet. Always default to saving hard copies of your receipts of everything (except meals). Please have your spreadsheet approved by Jennifer Boles before you send it in. You will be reimbursed within six to eight weeks. Note: if you are an alum, you may have to fill out a new vendor form. Please do so immediately when contacted by OSSR. 




Please feel free to text or call Jennifer Boles or Deanna Ledezma during the conference with any travel delays, questions, or issues.